What is peanuts, what family does it belong to and why are peanuts called groundnuts
Today, let's figure out how to eat peanuts correctly to get maximum benefits and reduce risks. And the most important...
What is the difference between mint and melissa and what is more useful
The difference between mint and lemon balm is not obvious to everyone, although experienced gardeners and herb lovers can easily...
What is titanium dioxide, how does it affect the human body and where is it used?
Let's figure out whether the food additive E171 is dangerous or not. Its harmfulness has not yet been proven, and...
What is soy sauce?
Modern chefs actively use various spices brought from the east in preparing dishes, including soy sauce, which will be discussed....
What is rosemary and rosemary oil: photos, useful properties and contraindications, use in cooking and cosmetology
We often use an herb like rosemary in our sauce recipes. So let's find out more about him, because he...
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