Red sauces
How to cook a delicious barbecue sauce at home
Barbecue Ingredients: Ketchup - 1 glass; Soy sauce – 1/4 cup; Sugar – 1/4 cup; Onion – 1 pc.; Garlic...
How to cook basil Sougo sauce for the winter and for which dishes it is suitable
We offer you several recipes for Sugo sauce for the winter, which will show you how to make a flavorful...
How to make delicious pizza sauce for winter
From tomatoes A classic version of tomato sauce that can successfully replace store-bought ketchup for pizza. This dressing is also...
How to cook classic Caucasian adjika for the winter so that you can lick your fingers
Today we have prepared recipes for classic adjika and will tell you how it is made in Abkhazia and Georgia....
How to cook awesome zucchini sauce for the winter so that you can lick your fingers!
  During the season of abundance of zucchini, at home you can prepare many options for dishes and snacks from...
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Red sauces

Red sauces are mouth–watering and sparkling seasonings that add brightness and passion to any dish! 🔥🌶️

We offer a variety of red sauces that will satisfy the wildest taste desires. From spicy salsa and spicy harissa to classic tomato sauce and paprika – we have everything for your culinary experiments! 🌶️🍅

Visit our website and discover a world of stunning and passionate sauces! Breathe fire into your dishes 😉🔥

Add adrenaline and spice to your life with our red sauces. They will go well with grilling, French fries, meat dishes and toasts. Prepare a hot party in your kitchen and surprise your guests! 🌶️🎉