Seafood sauces
How to make the best seafood sauces at home. TOP 10 recipes for exotic and not only sauces for sea reptiles
Avocado and lime sauce Ingredients: Avocado – 1 pc.; Lime – 1 pc.; Cilantro – 1 fresh bunch; Garlic -...
What is oyster sauce, what does it taste like, what is it eaten with and where is it added? 6 sauce recipes for cooking at home
What is oyster sauce In Thailand, China, Japan and many neighboring countries, this sauce is added almost anywhere. From noodles...
What is Mirin in Japanese cooking, where it is used and how it can be replaced.
There will be no recipes in this article. But we will tell you about one rice wine that is included...
Recipes for sauces made from fresh cucumbers: with sour cream, yogurt and tomato
Sauces with fresh cucumber always have a light and refreshing taste. They prepare quickly and do not require much effort....
How to make Mexican sauce from avocado guacamole at home. A classic cooking recipe, as well as what it is eaten with
Mexican sauce based on avocado and spices actually means Guacamole. Аhuacamōlli, from āhuacatl-avocado and mōlli-sauce, this name comes from the Aztec...
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Seafood sauces

On our website you will find many options for sauces that go well with seafood! 🌊🦀

We offer a variety of sauces that emphasize the freshness and natural taste of seafood, giving them additional depth and flavor. 🍤🍣

From classic tartar sauce or fresh lemon juice to sauces based on mayonnaise, garlic and herbs – we have everything for your favorite seafood! 🌿🦐

Visit our website to find inspiration, variety and unique recipes for seafood sauces. 🌟

Surprise your guests with a unique taste and serve seafood with the perfect sauce, which will give them even more taste sensations! 🍽️🌊