How to replace mayonnaise with proper nutrition

Replacement of mayonnaise

Did you know that most often we get extra calories not from salad? And depending on what it is seasoned with, this article will focus on mayonnaise. More precisely, what to use instead of mayonnaise.

We will teach you how to replace mayonnaise in herring salad and crab salad. Yes, in any salad or when making sauces.

Is it possible to eat mayonnaise every day?

It is possible if it is homemade mayonnaise made with your own hands. But store-bought mayonnaise with a fat content of 67% or more is often not worth eating. Trans fats included in store-bought mayonnaise are especially harmful.

It also contains saturated fat, which can affect cholesterol levels. Regular fats are needed by the body and are even beneficial for it.

If manufacturers followed the classic composition of mayonnaise: egg, oil, vinegar and spices, then the product would certainly be high in calories. But without chemical additives and preservatives. True, the shelf life would be much shorter.

Below is a table of caloric content of the main components of mayonnaise substitutes. Please note that the calorie content of the finished product varies depending on the amount of oil and fat content of the base.

Table of fat content and calorie content of mayonnaise ingredients

Product with fat content Calories per 100 grams
Kefir 0% 30 kcal
Kefir 1-2% 40–50 kcal
Kefir 2.5-3.2% 53–59 kcal
Natural yogurt 0.1-4.5% 68-74 kcal
Cream 10% 115 kcal
Cream 15% 158 kcal
Cream 20% 206 kcal
Cream 30% 294 kcal
Homemade sour cream 35% or more From 360 kcal
Dry mustard (mustard powder) 378 kcal
Store-bought mustard 162 kcal
Dijon mustard 143 kcal
Homemade mustard 203 kcal
Homemade mayonnaise with kefir (depending on the fat content of kefir) 157-177 kcal
Homemade mayonnaise with yogurt without oil 72-87 kcal
Homemade mayonnaise with sour cream (depending on the fat content of the sour cream) 121-374 kcal
Light mayonnaise 15% 160 kcal
Mayonnaise Provençal 67% 629 kcal
Vegetable oil 899 kcal

What can you replace mayonnaise with?

Pierre Dukan
Pierre Dukan

Nowadays a lot of sauces and salad dressings have already been invented. They are made on the basis of sour cream, yogurt, matsoni and kefir. There are even vegan and Lenten mayonnaiserecipes. They also make mayonnaise from avocado, cashews, apples, beans and liquid from beans.

Mayonnaise was invented for raw foodists and athletes. It is worth mixing some ingredients, for example sour cream with mustard, and the sauce instead of mayonnaise is ready. Add citric acid and a drop of oil to them and you have olive mayonnaise.

In French meat, you can replace mayonnaise with the same mixtures, for example, yogurt with mustard or homemade mayonnaise. On a diet, that’s it!

Look mayonnaise recipes by Pierre Dukan, the French nutritionist who came up with the famous diet. Which is called the Dukan diet and its Dukan mayonnaise. In his recipes he uses cottage cheese and mustard, tofu cheese and petroleum jelly.

What yogurt to use instead of mayonnaise

Greek yogurt
Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is usually and best used. It is the thickest and without any additives. But regular white yogurt will also work. As you can see, you can replace mayonnaise on a diet with different sauces.

Mix, try, experiment and read our recipes. We will tell you and teach you how to season crab and vegetable salad instead of mayonnaise while on a healthy diet.

Yogurt mayonnaise, instead of regular mayonnaise, it goes great with Olivier salad or crab salad, this is one of the substitutes for Olivier dressing instead of mayonnaise .

Please share, dear friends, what salad dressings you know instead of mayonnaise.

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