In which country did the first prototype of ketchup appear


Ketchup is synonymous with the well-known tomato sauce. The main component for proper preparation is a ripe tomato. Various natural additives are used to adjust the taste.

Also, the sauce may contain seasonings, ranging from chili to bay leaf. The mass-produced options offered in stores can hardly be called useful, where the classic recipe is used.

The history of ketchup

A country like China is considered the ancestral home of ketchup. And it all started with the fact that in the seventeenth century, from Asia, the British brought a sauce for the production of which nuts, anchovies, beans and mushrooms were used. And what’s most interesting is that it contained shellfish, wine and even garlic, but there were no tomatoes at all.

This seasoning was liked by many and very quickly became popular in Europe. In Russia ketchup appeared only in the 30s.

Ketchup in Russia

If we talk about the origin of ketchup, which contained tomatoes, then it was first mentioned at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The very first recipe was published by S. Edison in 1801, a little later, in 1812, a version of the preparation belonging to D. Meese was published. In 1824, the secret of making a sauce containing tomatoes was indicated in the cookery book “The Virginia Housewife” written by M. Randolph.

A slightly modified recipe, which is currently relevant, appeared in the twentieth century in America, during a discussion of the topic of how necessary the preservative sodium benzoate is. During industrial production, most often the sauce was produced, the basis of which was thick tomato paste, it was obtained thanks to vacuum evaporation, without using temperature.

In this case, the paste can be preserved for a long time. Over time, the density of ketchup became the basis of ketchup’s value. In order to achieve the desired thickness of the product, many manufacturers add starch.

First mass production of tomato sauce

The tomato season lasts about three months, more precisely from July to October. They cannot be stored for a long time in their original form. Therefore, factories managed to use all sorts of tricks, for example, preparing tomato puree, thereby preserving it until next year.

It’s easy to make now homemade ketchup, but before it was different! Due to the lack of special technology, as well as careful control by government agencies, they led to a disaster. Since during the preservation of the puree, mold, bacteria and other unpleasant aspects appeared in it.

In order to preserve the mass for a long time, they began to add salicylic acid, coal tar, etc. The dishes where ketchup was cooked were made of copper.

The most famous ketchup in the worldHeinz ketchup

The most famous sauce is considered to be a product produced under the Heinz brand. It was Henry Heinz who is considered the first manufacturer who focused attention and efforts on quality, and also complied with all technologies and recipes.

This ketchup was really tasty, and most importantly healthy. Currently, this manufacturer is a leader among a huge number of competitors.

Incredible facts about ketchup

Ketchup monument

Naturally, like many other dishes, ketchup boasts some amazing facts:

  • A monument to ketchup was erected in the world;
  • The flavor of a sauce from a particular manufacturer will vary depending on the batch;
  • Tomato sauce contains a huge number of antioxidants;
  • Ketchup is allowed to be consumed by pregnant women and children.

Nowadays, many modern consumers love tomato sauce. And here it is important to choose healthy and tasty.

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