What is soy sauce with and where is it added

Soy sauce

Soy sauce is widely used in our kitchens. It perfectly emphasizes the aroma of dishes and is used for preparing any sauce, marinades and much more. Soy sauce contains minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

And they get it through fermentation, combining soybeans with some type of mushrooms. Different types of soy sauce have different salt content, color, taste and consistency.

What do you eat with and where do you add it? 

Soy sauce with meat

Soy sauce is publicly available, it is only important to choose yours wisely. It is better to opt for a product prepared with natural fermentation.

It has a unique taste and goes well with many products, emphasizing and enhancing their distinctive features. A few words about where it is used. Pairs well with meat, poultry, fish and seafood, grains and vegetables.


Chicken. The soy sauce marinade will be amazing. Tender chicken meat is thoroughly soaked in sauce. In addition, it can be added as a base to some more complex chicken sauce.

For example, they mainly cook chicken and delicious wings in honey-soy sauce. Wings in this sauce acquire a spicy-sweet aroma with an appetizing crust.

In Asian cuisine, duck sauce is often used. In the same way as chicken, duck is prepared in honey-soy sauce. It is definitely included in the marinade for Peking duck.

You can choose any meat – pork or beef. Marinated meat in soy sauce is quite easy to prepare, just dip the meat in soy sauce for at least 30 minutes. But it is better to marinate the meat overnight.

Soy sauce and seafood are a classic combination. A wonderful tasting dish is fried shrimp in soy sauce. They suit each other perfectly and complement each other.


Soy sauce can be used to prepare vegetarian and meatless dishes. For example lenten sauces and dressings for salads are often made on its basis.

Various sauces. Teriyaki, balsamic sauce, Jack Daniel’s, Hoisin, Caesar salad sauce, Tonkatsu. It’s impossible to list everything, Asia is nowhere without soy.

At home, you can eat the dressing with some neutral side dishes: rice, pasta or legumes. The main use is as an additive to rolls and sushi, everyone knows this. And about how to dilute the sauce for rolls here.

You can also prepare sauce for manti and  for boiled pork with jellied meat. The use of soy sauce in cooking is enormous and cannot be covered in one article.


In cosmetology

The unique characteristics of the product have a rejuvenating effect on the skin, stop aging, strengthen the hair and make it fuller. For this reason, the sauce is constantly used externally in home cosmetology.

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