How to make strawberry sauce for meat, for dessert, for cake, for cheesecakes, for cheesecake and pancakes.

strawberry sauce for dessert


Today we have recipes on how to prepare delicious strawberry sauce for cheesecakes, pancakes, casseroles and even meat.

Strawberry sauce for meat

This unusual recipe goes well with any meat, especially poultry. You can replace the strawberries in it with regular strawberries, but then the taste will be a little different.


  • strawberries – 200 g;
  • soy sauce – 1 tbsp. l.;
  • garlic – 2 cloves;
  • ginger – 1 tbsp. l.;
  • olive oil – 1 tbsp. l.;
  • sugar.

Cooking technology:

  1. Finely grate the ginger and garlic.
  2. Heat olive oil in a frying pan. Add chopped ginger with garlic and washed strawberries.
  3. Keep on medium heat, stirring. When juice flows from the strawberries, add a little sugar (to taste). Also add soy sauce.
  4. To stir thoroughly. Leave on fire for another 3 minutes.

The finished dish can be poured from the frying pan into a blender and blended until smooth. But this is not necessary – even without a blender it turns out very tasty.

The dish can be consumed without pureeing. But strawberry berries reveal their aroma even more strongly after blending.

PP sauce recipe

For supporters of proper nutrition, we also have our own recipe for strawberry sauce. It is no more difficult to prepare than usual.


  • strawberries – 300 g;
  • water – 300 ml;
  • corn starch – 10 g;
  • lemon juice – 1 tsp;
  • gelatin – 5 g;
  • Jerusalem artichoke syrup – 30 ml;
  • sugar substitute (preferably FitParad No. 7) – 5 g.


  1. Pour gelatin with water and leave for 40 minutes.
  2. Cut the berries into 3-4 pieces.
  3. Mix the chopped fruits, both sugar substitutes, juice and starch in a small saucepan. Turn on the heat and bring to a boil.
  4. As soon as the mixture boils, turn it off.
  5. Let cool for a few minutes. Pour in the dissolved gelatin and stir.
  6. Cover tightly with a lid or cling film. Place in the refrigerator for 5 hours.

You can use the sauce immediately. But after a few hours in the refrigerator, it becomes even more delicious and rich.

For the salad

strawberry salad dressing

Fruit dressing goes well with many vegetable salads just as well as mayonnaise or sour cream. Strawberries make it very tasty, but which salad to add it to is everyone’s personal choice.


  • strawberries – 250 g;
  • sugar – 25 g;
  • lemon juice – 40 ml;
  • olive oil – 1 tbsp. l.;
  • grape vinegar – 1 tbsp. l.

How to prepare the sauce:

  1. Grind the berries until smooth.
  2. Add sugar and juice. Mix thoroughly (or beat with a blender).
  3. Slowly pour in the oil and vinegar, stirring. You can also use an immersion blender.
  4. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours.

This salad dressing goes well with poppy seeds. You can add a pinch at the final stage of preparing the sauce.

With balsamic vinegar

Strawberry sauce with meat


A piquant sauce with balsamic vinegar goes well with a wide variety of meat dishes. It takes longer to prepare than others, but the taste is unique.


  • strawberries – 250 g;
  • cane sugar – 200 g (can be replaced with regular sugar);
  • balsamic vinegar – 20 ml;
  • white wine (dry) – 30 ml;
  • oregano (dried);
  • basil (dried).


  1. Cover the berries with sugar. You can replace cane with beetroot, but the taste will be a little less rich.
  2. Add vinegar, wine and spices.
  3. Leave for 1 hour. You can stir it a couple of times, but it’s not necessary.
  4. Pour into the frying pan. Boil the strawberry sauce in a frying pan until thickened.

To enhance the taste, you can add strawberry balsamic, and replace oregano with thyme or rosemary. Of course, this will be a completely different recipe, so experiment.

Quick and easy recipe with condensed milk

strawberries with condensed milk

Strawberries and condensed milk can be used to make a sauce for any pancakes, as well as a sauce for cheesecake and many other dessert dishes. This strawberry dessert sauce is made with just a couple of ingredients – just strawberries and condensed milk.


  • strawberries – 200 g;
  • water – 70 ml;
  • condensed milk – 120 g.


  1. Crush the berries with a potato masher (or fork).
  2. Add water.
  3. Place in the microwave. Heat for 2 minutes on medium power.
  4. Add condensed milk and stir.
  5. Pour the strawberry and condensed milk sauce into a blender and blend until smooth. Usually this takes 15-20 seconds.

This strawberry and condensed milk sauce can be served hot or cold. In the refrigerator, the sauce made from milk does not change its consistency – it remains the same viscous and quite liquid.

With mint and basil

strawberry mint sauce

Strawberry-mint spicy sauce is an excellent addition to main courses. This sauce of strawberries and dried basil is very simple to prepare, but its effect on the taste of meat is simply enormous.


  • strawberries – 200 g;
  • orange juice – 40 ml (can be replaced with water);
  • basil (dried) – 1 tbsp. l.;
  • mint (dried) – 1 tbsp. l.;
  • salt;
  • ground black pepper.

How to do:

  1. Chop the berries into small pieces.
  2. Pour juice over the chopped fruits. Add spices and salt to taste. Mix.
  3. Pour into a saucepan. Boil over low heat for 10 minutes.
  4. Grind the strawberry and basil sauce in a blender until smooth.

Using a similar recipe, you can prepare a delicious strawberry sauce for meat. You just need to replace some berries with others. Strawberry basil sauce is similar to strawberry sauce, but a little more flavorful.

Sauce without cooking

strawberry sauce

Making strawberry sauce most often requires heat treatment of the ingredients. To get strawberry sauce for meat, it is necessary to put the berries on the fire. But the dessert addition can be made without cooking.


  • strawberries – 200 g;
  • cream (at least 20% fat) – 80 ml;
  • sugar – 20 g (can be replaced with powdered sugar).


  1. Puree the berries in a blender (or grind in a sieve).
  2. Whip the cream and sugar a little until the grains dissolve. If you use powder, just mix it.
  3. Mix berries with cream.

Just right for pancakes and pancakes!

By the way, they even make sauce for oysters from strawberries!

Recipe for the winter

Preparing strawberry sauce for the winter is an interesting option for preparing it. This recipe for strawberry sauce goes well with meat and other savory dishes.


  • strawberries – 1 kg;
  • sugar – 150 g;
  • balsamic vinegar – 150 ml;
  • hot red pepper – 3 pods;
  • cinnamon – 1 tsp;
  • coriander (ground) – 0.5 tsp;
  • ginger (ground) – 1 tsp;
  • salt


  1. Puree the berries with a blender.
  2. Peel the pepper from seeds and grind in a blender or meat grinder.
  3. Mix strawberries with pepper and all other ingredients. Balsamic vinegar can be replaced with 6% grape vinegar, but then you need to take 80 ml of vinegar and another 70 ml of water.
  4. Place the mixture over medium heat. Boil.
  5. After boiling, reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes.
  6. Roll up into sterilized jars under an iron lid. The lids themselves should also be boiled.

This recipe for strawberry sauce without cooking is impossible – then the dish will simply spoil. Therefore, to prepare strawberry sauce for meat for the winter, you need to boil it for at least 20-30 minutes.

Panna cotta sauce

panna cotta with strawberry sauce

Creamy panna cotta becomes even more delicious when you add strawberry sauce to the dessert. And since panna cotta is often made for New Year’s holidays, you can make strawberry sauce from frozen strawberries using this simple recipe.


  • strawberries – 200 g;
  • sugar – 100 g.

Sauce recipe:

  1. Rub the strawberries through a sieve. You can also use a blender.
  2. Add sugar. Grind again until the sugar dissolves.
  3. Stir with a spoon.

In addition to panna cotta, this strawberry sauce goes well with pancakes and pancakes. And if the dessert does not contain vanillin, you should add a pinch directly to the sauce.

Sauce with starch

The starch-based sauce turns out thick and viscous. Good for cheesecakes, but also often used as a sauce for pancakes and other dessert dishes.


  • strawberries – 200 g;
  • water – 50 ml;
  • sugar – 50 g;
  • starch (preferably corn starch) – 1 tsp;
  • butter – 1 tsp.

How to make strawberry sauce:

  1. Dissolve starch in water.
  2. Make a puree from the berries.
  3. Add to the saucepan along with sugar. Turn on low heat. Boil.
  4. Immediately after boiling, add oil. To stir thoroughly.
  5. When the butter melts, add water with starch.
  6. Stirring continuously, boil the sauce for 3 minutes. Then remove from heat and leave until cool.

Eastern recipe

pancakes with strawberry sauce

Similar strawberry sauces are prepared in many regions of the world. You can even make strawberry sauce in an oriental style – the taste will be unusual and will pleasantly surprise you.

Strawberry sauce with such a selection of ingredients will not go well with pancakes, but it will be ideal with meat dishes.


  • strawberries – 200 g;
  • sugar – 10 g;
  • soy sauce – 40 ml;
  • rice vinegar (can be replaced with 6% apple cider vinegar) – 20 ml;
  • ground black pepper.

How to make strawberry sauce:

  1. Place strawberries in a saucepan. Sprinkle sugar on top and pour soy sauce over it.
  2. Turn on low heat. Boil for 30 minutes, stirring regularly.
  3. Add vinegar and pepper to taste. Boil for another 8-10 minutes.
  4. Remove from heat and cool slightly. Blend with a blender until smooth (or puree by hand using a sieve).
  5. Put it back on the fire. Boil a little until thickened.

The combination of sweet, sour and salty flavors in this recipe is perfect as a sauce for duck dishes and other poultry. But you can also use it with pork.

With red wine

A piquant recipe for strawberry sauce with the addition of red wine will please every gourmet. This excellent sauce for strawberry meat is not very difficult to prepare, but it completely transforms the taste of the dish.


  • strawberries – 200 g;
  • water – 20 ml;
  • red wine (dry) – 125 ml;
  • sugar – 40 g;
  • lemon juice – 30 ml;
  • starch – 3 g;
  • ground black pepper;
  • oregano (dried);
  • salt


  1. Grind the berries. You can puree or cut into pieces – depending on personal preference.
  2. Squeeze the resulting pulp through cheesecloth. Collect juice.
  3. Pour the wine into the saucepan and turn the heat to low. Boil.
  4. Immediately after boiling, add juice from the berries. Boil for 10 minutes.
  5. Add sugar. Stir until it dissolves.
  6. Add lemon juice. Boil for another 5 minutes. In the meantime, dissolve the starch in cool water.
  7. Slowly pour in the starch water. Add salt and spices to taste.
  8. Stir and immediately turn off the heat.

When hot, the sauce will be quite liquid, but after thickening it will have the desired consistency. Therefore, it should be cooled before serving.

Spicy sauce

Strawberry sauce with fish


Strawberries can be used to make a hot and spicy sauce for meat dishes. It is made with the addition of balsamic vinegar, strawberries and soy sauce. Strawberry and balsamic sauce is suitable not only for meat – it also works great as a sauce for fish.


  • strawberries – 300 g;
  • soy sauce – 20 ml;
  • balsamic vinegar – 20 ml;
  • olive oil – 20 ml;
  • garlic – 3 cloves;
  • hot red pepper – 1 pc.;
  • ginger – 20 g;
  • salt;
  • sugar.


  1. Chop the berries, peppers and garlic into small cubes. Grate the ginger on the finest grater.
  2. Pour oil into a saucepan and heat thoroughly. Add all chopped ingredients.
  3. Mix soy sauce with balsamic vinegar. Pour this mixture into the saucepan and immediately reduce the heat to low.
  4. Boil until the strawberries soften.
  5. Remove from heat. Pass the dish through a blender until smooth.
  6. Add salt and sugar to taste. Return to heat and simmer for 2-3 minutes to completely dissolve the sugar.

With yogurt


This simple recipe can be completed in just a few minutes. And if you have a blender, things will go even faster.


  • strawberries – 200 g;
  • Greek yogurt – 70 g;
  • sugar – 50 g.

Cooking process:

  1. Add berries and sugar to blender bowl. The amount of sugar can be varied according to your own taste.
  2. Beat until smooth.
  3. Add yogurt. Pass through the blender again.

This yoghurt sauce is great  for pancakes and cheesecakes . But you can also use it as an independent dessert – it turns out nourishing and tasty.

With sour cream and cheese

A simple and quick recipe for sour cream and strawberry sauce can be found a little higher in this article. And the recipe below is a more complex version of strawberry cream sauce.

Strawberry sauce is prepared using this technology with the addition of sour cream and cream cheese.


  • strawberries – 250 g;
  • cream – 70 ml;
  • sugar – 30 g;
  • cream cheese – 120 g.


  1. Puree the strawberries.
  2. Beat the cheese in a blender. You can do this with a spoon, but it will take much more time.
  3. Slowly stir strawberries into the cheese, then sour cream and sugar. Stir until smooth.
  4. Cover tightly with cling film. Place in the refrigerator.

This strawberry-cream tender sauce is best served chilled – it tastes better in this state. Creamy strawberry sauce goes well with sweet pastries, pancakes and fruit salads.

From strawberries and tomatoes

strawberry salsa with tomatoes

Strawberry-tomato hot sauce is a great addition to most dishes. The technology for making strawberry sauce according to this recipe comes from Mexico. Therefore, in terms of consistency, it turns out to be a real salsa made from strawberries and tomatoes.


  • strawberries – 150 g;
  • tomatoes – 2 pcs. (if small – 3 pcs.);
  • onions – 1 pc.;
  • hot red pepper – 1 pc.;
  • balsamic vinegar – 20 ml;
  • olive oil – 80 ml;
  • cilantro (fresh) – 0.5 bunch;
  • salt


  1. Peel the tomatoes. To make this easier, you need to scald them with boiling water and immediately transfer them to cold water.
  2. Chop the strawberries and tomatoes into small pieces (equal in size). The juice released during this process should also be added to the future salsa.
  3. Chop the onion into cubes. Also finely chop the cilantro and hot pepper.
  4. Mix all crushed ingredients.
  5. Add balsamic vinegar, olive oil and salt to taste. Stir again.

The finished sauce must be placed in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. Unlike other strawberry sauces, this salsa can be served not only with meat, but  fish, and even just eaten with toast.

For layering cake with agar-agar

strawberry sauce for layering cake

Sweet strawberry sauce can even be used as a filling for homemade cakes. Moreover, fresh strawberry sauce for cake can be prepared with both gelatin and agar-agar – it turns out equally well.


  • strawberries – 300 g;
  • sugar – 140 g;
  • if – if – 3 g.


  1. Combine all ingredients and puree. It’s more convenient to do this with a blender (stationary or submersible), but you can do it with a regular sieve.
  2. Place the mixture in a saucepan. Boil.
  3. After boiling, cook over medium heat for another 3 minutes.
  4. Skim off the foam and turn off the heat.

Before filling the cake, the prepared strawberry sauce must be cooled to room temperature. Then it will acquire the desired consistency.

Strawberry sauce with gelatin

One of the popular ways to cook strawberry sauce is a recipe with gelatin. It turns out something between jam and confiture. And this dish can be stored for several months (if poured into sterilized jars).


  • strawberries – 200 g;
  • water – 30 ml;
  • sugar – 150 g;
  • gelatin – 5 g.

Step by step recipe:

  1. Pour gelatin with water and leave for 40 minutes.
  2. Grind the fruits into puree with a blender or masher. If there are small pieces left, no problem, they will boil.
  3. Mix crushed berries with sugar. Pour into a saucepan.
  4. Boil. After boiling, boil for another 2 minutes.
  5. Remove the foam with a spoon.
  6. Set the container aside. When the mixture has cooled slightly, add water and gelatin and mix thoroughly.

Pectin sauce

For proper nutrition, you need to prepare the sauce without adding sugar. According to PP, strawberry sauce turns out to be no less tasty, but at the same time more healthy.

The recipe for fresh strawberry sauce below is truly universal – you can use the sauce for pancakes and pancakes, top cakes and baked goods, even put it in jars for the winter.


  • strawberries – 200 g;
  • sugar – 75 g;
  • pectin NH – 4 g.


  1. Mix sugar and pectin. Then the latter will not clump.
  2. Chop the strawberries. If you need to make the dish textured, then half of the berries should be cut into cubes, and the second should be pureed in a blender. But you can puree all the berries completely.
  3. Add sugar and thickener to the pureed strawberries. Pass through a blender for 20-30 seconds.
  4. Add diced berries.
  5. Mix everything and put on low heat. Boil.
  6. After boiling, boil for 2-3 minutes.
  7. Cool. The mixture thickens to the desired state precisely when it cools below 40°C.

The recipe for strawberry sauce prepared according to PP is a sauce without starch. Its thickening element is pectin. But it is necessary to use NH pectin, because it is the only one that thickens when it cools.

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