How to cook Ranch sauce at home

Ranch sauce

Today we will talk about Ranch sauce, what it is and where it comes from and what it looks like. Ranch is America! Once, after a survey of citizens, it was voted the most favorite sauce of Americans. Let’s cook it too.

Classic recipe

As we already wrote, the classic recipe for ranch sauce involves the use of buttermilk, but it is difficult to find. This is why we will use kefir with mayonnaise; it is better to prepare it at home.

It immediately becomes clear what Ranch sauce is and what this American sauce tastes like. Plus, the ranch dressing is garlicky, because it’s supposed to have garlic in it. The first recipe will be with fresh herbs.


  • Mayonnaise – 150 gr.
  • Kefir – 50 ml
  • Worcestershire sauce – 30 ml
  • Green onions – 1/3 bunch
  • Parsley – 1/3 bunch
  • Dill – 1/3 bunch
  • Ground paprika – 0.5 tsp
  • Garlic – 1 clove
  • Salt to taste

How to make ranch sauce:

First of all, finely chop the greens and garlic.
First of all, finely chop the greens and garlic.
Then mix it into mayonnaise mixed with kefir.
Then mix it into mayonnaise mixed with kefir.
Now pour in the Worcestershire sauce.
Now let’s pour Worcestershire sauce.
All that remains is to add paprika and mix.
All that remains is to add paprika and mix.
The sauce is ready!
The sauce is ready!

As you can see, the recipe for garlic ranch sauce is very easy. The main thing is to let it brew for half an hour. By the way, you can make Worcestershire sauce yourself.

If you are worried about your figure, then prepare healthy mayonnaise. Ranch is dipping sauce in which it is convenient to dip snacks, such as chopped vegetables or french fries . And paprika will give a beautiful shade. It can be used to dress almost any salad.

Ranch sauce for pizza

Ranch sauce for pizza

We will make this version of the sauce with dry ingredients. This sauce will be good not only as a base for pizza, but also with meat, poultry, tongue or boiled pork; it is simply magnificent.

Ingredients for pizza:

  • Mayonnaise – 50 gr.
  • Cream – 150 g.
  • Dried dill – 1 tsp.
  • Dried parsley – 1 tsp. l.
  • Dried onions – 1 tsp.
  • Dried garlic – 1 tsp.

How to Make Ranch Sauce for Pizza:

Everything is even simpler here, just mix all the ingredients of the sauce and let it sit for about an hour in the refrigerator. Then all you have to do is make pizza with it. And get DoDo Pizza with Ranch Sauce at your home.

You can replace dried onions with shallots; mayonnaise, having its own sourness, marinates it. All you have to do is spread this sauce on pizza, add sausage and cheese and bake. White sauce for pizza, it’s always tasty and unusual!


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